billy-bob products


Advertisement campaign for the Billy-bob Product pacifier line. Their quirky pacifiers needed to be showcased in the best possible light, while still remaining sophisticated in order for them to stand out from their competitors.

The challenges consisted of first, figuring out a way to sell these original pacifiers without costumers caring about the price. The second challenge was to convince the most conventional parents that these are the best pacifiers for their babies.

Billybob poster

The objective of this campaign was not to focus on the pacifier’s design but instead to invite parents to purchase the pacifier not only for it’s practicality but also for the emotional benefits and the joy it can bring to the babies, as well as their parents.

Billybob magazine

The final concept was to create a poster series of babies using different pacifiers. Every pacifier holds a unique visual element that refers back to a comic stereotypical figure. Each poster in the campaign will have a baby using a different pacifier while embodying that specific figure. The message, as well as the design, had to convey the character’s personality. Each poster will include a tagline phrasing the character’s tone of voice and personality.

Billybob billboard