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Mamie Clafoutis is perhaps the most reknown artisinal bakeries in montreal, however they were in desperate need of a rebranding. The rebranding needed to offere a more cohesive and current logo, that is still rooted in quality and tradtions.

The challenge mainly consist finding a clever way of creating a new corporate identity to the Mamie Clafoutis brand, that will allow them to keep their current clientele‭ ‬hopefully will attract a slightly more higher-end an refined audience as well‭.‬

The objective was to create a re-branding logo that is warm and inviting but with modern twist‭. ‬Something that will make Mamie Clafoutis stand‭ ‬out from all their competitors‭, ‬it will create a never before seen ambience for a bakery‭. ‬

Mamie alphabet
Mamie alphabet gif

The entire corporate identity will be based off of these letters‭, ‬I will isolated every individual solid shapes throughout‭  ‬these letters‭; ‬in order to create and pattern to then be used throughout the re-branding design‭. ‬

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The final concept revolves entirely around the new logo‭. ‬It is made with a original custom typeface‭, ‬specifically created for Mamie Clafoutis's re-branding‭. ‬This logo was highly inspired by the French art deco movement‭. ‬As a result‭, ‬the final logo is made‭ ‬up of various geometric shapes‭, ‬with high contrast between the think and thins of each individual letter‭. ‬This typeface is also‭ ‬unpredictable due to the fact that each letter can have up to 2-6‭ ‬alternative letters‭; ‬they will always be randomly mixed and will keep the clients guessing and intrigued as to which combination of letter they will see next‭.‬

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