Laissez-moi respirer


Create a poster for the 2017-2018 Marc H. Choko Bourse d’études competition; with this year's given theme of Femmes et Pouvoir d’Agir.

The challenge of this project was the subject itself. However simple it may seem the phrase "Femmes et Pouvoir d'Agir" confronts so many important issues in today's generation. As a result the main challenge for the visual of this poster focused on the idea of creating a element that would speak volumes in a minimal way.

The objective for the Femmes et Pouvoir d’Agir poster was creating a simplistic design which would grant the opportunity for the viewer to focus of the main visual element, and allow them to reflect on what woman go through on a daily basis

Femme poster mockup

The final concept of this poster revolves around the idea of a corset. The corset is the perfect object to visually represent what woman go through on a daily basis.

Back in the day, women wore corsets to alter their figure. However, wearing this fashion accessory caused deformations to their bodies and generated multiple medical problems. Today women still strive to perfection and some manage to go to extreme measures to alter their figure in order to conform to today’s society’s standards.

The message reads “laissez-moi respirer” when women wore corsets, the inability to breath is the main physical consequence the corset would inflict on women. However the confinement and inability to breath and be free still applies today, without the physical object. This poster in other words jumps through time, because even today this matter remains a huge topic in today’s society.

Femme street mockup

This poster took part of the top 15 finalist, in the poster competition Bourse d’études Marc H. Choko 2017-2018 pour Femmes et Pouvoir d’Agir exhibited at the McCord Museum, Montreal, from March 7th-March 25th.

Honorable Mention at Dawson College 2017-2018