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CHarta Paper book


This book was made in a Print & Web Production class. The goal of this project was to find a creative way to produce a publication reflecting the evolution of paper and the printing process.  

The objective of this paper book revolved around finding a creative tactile way of physically reflecting the paper process, keeping in mind it’s history.

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The final concept behind Charta was creating book as a classic novel; paired with a clean layout, with minimal of a deep warm red. However the focal point of this concept is not the book, but the case that wraps it. The case is made out of genuine wood, wrapped in birch bark, Complimented with a curved spin. When seen in a bookshelf gives the illusion that part of a real tree is in place. The name of this book is Charta which ties back to the origins of paper and in fact means “paper” however it is written in latin.