Banksy full jacket

Banksy coffee table book


Create a coffee table book that will visually emulate Banksy’s artistic philosophy, in a unique and unconventional way. A book that could be considered a collectors item.

The challenge consisted of creating a coffee table book that would not only reflect Banksy’s artistic style with the content, but also through the purely physical aspect. Keeping in mind the  unique and visually enticing manner Banksy shares his art with the world.

Banksy jacket detail

The objective of this book is to design a jacket cover that visually intrigues the viewer’s curiosity, because of its odd nature and graphic approach.

Banksy book cornerBanksy top jacket detail
Banksy quote detail

The final concept behind this project was creating a book which represent’s Banksy’s style and mysterious character. Staying in line with what he is greatly known for the book’s principle imagery is spray paint flowing down the surface to reveal a night sky underneath. The book is outrageous not only because of the physical size of the book but also its content. The content reflect the way Banksy thinks; it may be in times vulgar and unconventional, but thats the way Banksy is.